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Gariadhar is a small city located in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state. This city is said to be Land of Saints because of famous saints born here. It is mainly an agricultural city. Gariadhar is also famous for the gujarati snack known as Gathiya which is now known worldwide.

Located in Bhavnagar District of Gujarat State, Gariadhar City is a small city. It is said to be land of saints, as famous saints were born here. It is also home town of the famous Saint Valamram. Big ashram is built in the name of Saint Valamram in Gariadhar City. Most of the residents of Gariadhar city live simple life by earning through farming and agricultural business. As most of the area in Gariadhar city is covered by agricultural land, there are no big industries or commercial hubs set up here.

Though the city is industry deprived, there are branches of big banks here. The city people also understand the importance of education, and so there are various high level colleges setup here. Famous gujarati snack Gathiya is prepared here in large quantity on daily basis by local restaurants or halwais. Though now Gathiya is easily available everywhere in Gujarat, Gariadhar remains the origin city of it with the same intact taste for years.

Famous Places to Visit in Gariadhar

Gariadhar, as also known as land of saints, is famous for Saint Valamram Ashram. Saint Valamram was a big devotee of Bhoja Bhagat of Fatehpur. At very small age, Saint Valamram got blessings of his Guru Bhoja Bhagat and he devoted his life by providing his services to others. Saint Valamram built a huge ashram in 1800 century. He started a free feeding center in ashram naming it “Sadavrat”. Lakhs of needy and hungry people are still feeded here in ashram for free. Saint Valamram took live Samadhi in ashram itself in later years. People from various places come to ashram and Samadhi of Saint Valamram to pay their respect.

Tourism in Gariadhar

Another important place for visit is Rajbaimata temple near Bhairavnath gate in Gariadhar city. The temple is built in name of Rajbaimata who was daughter of Lavji Bharvad. She sacrificed her life, to save the city from some warrior of Palitana city who desired to acquire Gariadhar city by marrying her.

Gariadhar city is near to other cities like Palitana, Bhavnagar, Gondal etc which are worth visiting for their own local specialties and religious importance.

How to Reach Gariadhar in Gujarat

Gariadhar city is located in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state. Being a taluka itself, there are many more small villages around Gariadhar city. The city is situated 80 km away from Bhavnagar city. Other important big city is Rajkot which is 135 km away from Gariadhar city. This city is well connected through road networks. Regular bus service is available for people from Gariadhar city to travel nearby big cities or towns.

There is no railway station in Gariadhar city. So to reach this city via train, you need to get down at the nearest railway station of Bhavnagar on Ahmedabad – Bhavnagar track. Connecting bus service is easily available from here to reach Gariadhar city. Direct buses from Ahmedabad, the capital of state are also available to reach Gariadhar city. The distance between Ahmedabad and Gariadhar is 220 km which would make quite a long distance of approx four hours journey in bus.

Gariadhar can be reached by air as well though it has no airport of its own. The nearest airports to Gariadhar city are Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad. Connecting bus services or private vehicles are frequently available from these cities to reach Gariadhar city.

Quick Facts about Gariadhar

District: Bhavnagar
Population: 30,520
Altitude: 272 feet
Latitude: 21.53 0N
Longitude: 71.58 0E
Official Languages used: Gujarati and Hindi

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